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  • Implementing the system for efficient Health, Safety and Environment management.

  • Provide comprehensive planning of all activities to be analyzed and assessed to minimize the risks considering health safety and environment.

  • Complete understanding, consent and execution of the HSE policy by all level managers and each of the company’s employee. Any subcontractor, supplier and third party persons must follow HSE Policy religiously. Consistency with HSE Policy is the most important condition for working in our company.

  • Guarantee of health and labor safety protection for own personnel, subcontractor’s employees and other people living or working in the areas.

  • To minimize the risk of negative effect on environment, prevent environment pollution and assist efficient use of natural resources.

  • To provide good quality, maintenance and safety of equipment and plants, being used by competent personnel for safe operations and inoffensive effect on environment.

  • Train all the employees using HSE Policy to promote potential abilities of any person.

  • To perform close interaction with Governmental and International associations involved in environment and labor safety issues.

  • To strictly follow the HSE Policy and consider its importance equal to any other activity in the organization.